Pro's Art School Guest Art Instructors

Pro's Art School has had the privilege of hosting guest instructors for numerous workshops. Each one of these workshops provided the students with an opportunity to paint with an artist of international reputation, to observe their painting techniques and to learn from the experience. Comments from Zhaoming Wu, Sherrie McGraw, Gregg Kreutz and Robert Johnson regarding their experience teaching at the Pro's Art School are provided below. Please feel free to read what they had to say about their experience at Pro's Art School.

Artist Zhoaming Wu:

"Pro's Art School is one of the best places for Instructors to teach painting workshops. Everything is very organized, with very nice people, they are hospitable, gracious and the place has great atmosphere for art. The students have been trained at the Pro's Art School with painting and drawing skills. This makes teaching a workshop class much smoother, easier and better."

Artist Sherri McGraw:

"I had a wonderful experience teaching in Pro's Art. From the Professional video-grapher for the demo to optimizing a student's workshop experience, your school is virtually unmatched."

Artist Gregg Kreutz:

"Thanks for the fun and interesting week in Edmonton. Pro's Art School in Edmonton, Alberta maintains one of the best run workshop programs around. Well staffed, well equipped, comfortable setting, friendly people, talented students, not to mention wonderful lunches prepared by generous volunteers. All in all; a winner! I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Artist Robert Johnson:

"I was extremely pleased to be invited to teach a painting workshop at Pro's Art. The school has a sincere mission to preserve and pass on the classical legacy in art education. Their preparations, organization, facilities and personnel are excellent. The students are hard-working, disciplined and very enthusiastic. The quality of their work showed the obvious benefits of their training in the classical approach to becoming an artist. it was a gratifying to be a part of what Pro's Art is dedicated to accomplishing."