Level 1 Instruction

Edmonton Art Instruction - Pros Art School


Learn to use a grid to draw any subject.

  1. paint the object in monochromatic – detect shapes and values of each object through squinting.
  2. apply the paint thinly on the canvas for control purposes.
  3. learn to use brush pressure to create detailed blending.
  4. acquire the basic skills of mixing one or more colors.

Level 2 Instruction


Learn to draw or paint freehand, still life, portraits and Landscapes.

  1. Create an under-painting where you build your composition foundation & plan light and dark areas. 
  2. Use mono-chromatics and understand it’s function.
  3. Recognize and paint the important shapes and values and leave out trivial detail.
  4. Recognize when to use soft and hard edges.
  5. Paint the inside of a flower or a field of grass without painting every individual blade of grass.

Level 3 Instruction


drawing – tonal values – composition.

  • Learn to draw a composition so the viewer’s eye moves throughout the piece.
  • Gain the knowledge of paint thickness, brush strokes and colour harmony.
  • Develop primary and secondary areas of interest and have the ability to handle the dead or quiet areas, so that the composition from corner to corner feels connected.
  • View and study the Masters’ paintings and understand their compositions.