Workshops By Gene Prokop

Following the post-secondary schooling, my greatest push in development or inspiration was seeing the works from the Russian Hermitage collection. They inspired me. The skill of the artist's brushstrokes, the bold layers of paint and the well-orchestrated compositions were prolific. Viewing a Repin painting, one could feel the blood run through the figure in the painting, which led me to sit for hours and marvel at the talent of the artist. After returning to Edmonton, I felt cheated by some Art Schools disregarding academic techniques. I knew my job was to teach others the skills and techniques I had acquired, towards classical realism and naturalism. My own works of art focus on creating mood & drama using romantic brushstrokes of the Old Masters.




Travel Teaching Schedule 2016

Gene will be teaching figurative and portraiture methods. He teaches extensively throughout the world, including Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kelowna, British Columbia; Prince George, British Columbia and Quesnel, British Columbia.  For information on these Workshops please contact Gene Prokop at (780)486-6661.





December Workshops


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Workshop:   Winter Scene

Date: Thursday, December 15 2016

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM

Cost:  $50 ($75 for non-students)

Substrate: 16 x 20 stretched canvas

 Instructor:  Gene Prokop

Description: Gene will work with students on the painting of a scene in winter. 

Materials:  brushes and all regular painting supplies including your own paints.

Payment is expected upon registration.  Call Gene or Ann at 780-486-6661 for more information.