ADULT CLASSES   (See Class Times & Registration Form Below):

Entrance Requirements:

  • Anyone 14 or older is welcome, regardless of experience or skill level.
  • Artists can register any time throughout the year.
  • Classes run – Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring.

The first class is $65 & includes:

  1. A Primed Stretched Canvas
  2. Two Pro’s Art Brushes
  3. In-class Oil Paints & Mediums for the first 2 paintings
  4. Detailed instruction
  5. Three and one-half hours of class time.
  6. After the first class, payment is to be made by the month (cash or cheque only).

Ann Waeland teaching a typical art class.  Most new students, are delighted to discover that even in their first class, they can paint much better than they expected.  Classes are often full to capacity so we ask for regular attendance.  A class space is reserved for those that attend regularly.  If you stop coming to your scheduled class, please phone before returning as you may be asked to attend on a different day.  The 3 Levels taught at Pro’s Art School have specific goals designed to allow students to reach their full potential at their own pace.

Policies regarding standards of conduct:

Staff and students learn in a constructive environment with a relaxed atmosphere.  A pleasant standard of behavior is required. Any violation, including confrontation, abusive language, putting others down or any behavior deemed, by the school, to be in violation of its standards will result in expulsion.  The School becomes a way of life, a lifestyle you enjoy.  The School Culture provides the opportunity to improve your art skills while enjoying the company & knowledge of fellow artists.

Class Times:

Monday –10am-1:30pm,  6:30pm-10pm
Tuesday –  6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday – 10am-1:30pm, 2pm-5:30pm, or 6:30pm-10pm
Thursday – 6:30pm-10pm
Friday – 10am-1:30pm
Saturday – 10am-1:30pm
Sunday – Possible workshops

Sketching & Drawing Classes – check the website for scheduled classes and workshops

Discover the Joy of Sketching, Drawing & Painting. 

Classes include understanding perspective, and some classes will include drawing or painting  a live model (draped or undraped). 

As week schedules may vary, please check our workshop page for specific dates and times. 

For further information, and to register please call Gene or Ann 780-486-6661