Gene Prokop has made a life long choice of studying and teaching art. He has academic degrees from

  • Alberta College of Art, B.F.A
  • University of Alberta, B.Ed.
  • University of Arizona

Gene spent summers in Europe and other parts of the world studying the works of the Old Masters including Bastien Le Page, Sorolla, Repin, etc. Gene is the Director and Owner of Pro’s Art School, Studio & Gallery. Pro’s Art School teaches the methods & traditions of the Great Masters of Old and Modern Times.

As well as teaching numerous classes and workshops at Pro's Art School, Gene teaches classes and/or workshops in Camrose, Alberta; Kelowna, British Columbia; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He has also taken his students on a number of Art "Field Trip" to New York, Philadelphia and Washington in the U.S.; as well as to Paris, France and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  While on these trips, Gene has guided his students through some of the world's foremost galleries introducing them to many paintings by the Great Masters.  Participants found painting "a la prima" in these locals a highlight of their trip.

Ann Waeland joined Gene Prokop in 1998 and in 2000 became an instructor when Pro's Art School officially opened.  Ann brings over 4000 classes of teaching experience in oils along with warmth and dedication to all students, both new and seasoned. She loves teaching new students the basics of the old masters.  Ann specializes in Florals and teaches the 'wipe-out' technique.  She prefers to work from live Still Life compositions and encourages her students to learn to work from life.  Ann is passionate about inspiring all artists to feel their subjects and paint from the heart.

As an instructor, Ann guides new artists through their first painting; teaching them to simplify the techniques of drawing, perspective and composition.  She helps students to recognize shapes and values in the monochromatic style and in the practice and principles of colour and colour-mixing.  Students work in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.  Seasoned artists are encouraged to develop their talent and skills and explore the styles of Classical Realism, Naturalism, Gesture and Impressionism.  Ann strives to help artists expand their potential through the use of different styles and techniques and to achieve their personal best at each stage.  She firmly believes the artist's style should be a choice rather than a limitation.

Deanne Jackson  has been instructing at Pro’s Art since 2009, filling in for Gene and Ann when they are away. Being an instructor is very rewarding when observing the improvement in the artists over time and seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes when they’ve completed a painting and realizing their success. My goal is to give the artists confidence and help them focus to paint what they are seeing not what they know. I try to eliminate the fear artist’s have about painting certain subjects, letting them know success can be achieved when you stop worrying about what they’re painting but focus on squinting, shapes, and values. Pro’s Art has giving me a great gift by really truly opening my eyes and seeing the true beauty to everything I see and paint. I am excited to give back and share my knowledge with others.