Pro’s Art Atelier teaches the techniques of drawing, perspective and composition in oil painting. Students are guided through the styles of Classical Realism, Naturalism, Gesture and Impressionism. Students work in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. People work in the school as one big family, helping and encouraging one another. Many students work hard to better themselves, but still think of the group not just of themselves.

Students are able to use tilting desk tops or easels.  The students can leave Still Life sets up and work on them continually every time they come.  The gallery is located throughout the building and is a sumptuous display of artwork. The public is welcome to come in and browse/view the works any time a class is in progress. The visitors are free to talk to the individual students and ask questions regarding their art.

Workshops are of numerous types. We have in class drills during regular classes so that we may work altogether on the same theme during that one class, example: painting trees or a face. Occasionally workshops are held Saturday afternoons, Sunday or Thursday mornings. We also have live model drawing and painting classes. We also invite a variety of guest instructors from around the world to teach. Past teachers include Zhoaming Wu, Sherrie McGraw, Robert Johnson, & Rick Weaver.

16524 - 111 Ave
Edmonton, AB, Canada T5M 3V8
Gallery/Atelier: (780) 486-6661
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